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Trevor Shaw

Trevor Shaw of Shaw Diamonds

Trevor started his career as a diamond polisher, getting to know the industry from the inside out. After a few years he opened his own diamond polishing factory and from there became one of South Africa’s most reputable diamond dealers. After many years of specializing only in diamonds, Trevor expanded his interests and began sourcing colored precious stones, including the rare tanzanite. As a service to their clients, Bella and Trevor assisted with getting stones set into jewelry. Due to popular demand they now carry a wide range of stunning made-up jewelry at wholesale prices.

Always a dedicated lover of the African bush and wildlife, Trevor began what was to become a highly successful hospitality business by acquiring a small private game lodge in an incredibly beautiful part of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Here he planned to get away with his family and also to entertain friends. Trevor soon found he wanted to share the experience and the incredible location with more people, and began acquiring more land and expanding to create the beautiful lodges that make up the Zulu Nyala Group today.

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